First Outdoor Installation

Hello there! No I have not been living off the grid in the wilds of Central Massachusetts but I have been scaling things back and took a bit of a brake. However I am excited to announce my first outdoor installation in Art on the Trails: Finding Solace in the Woods at Elaine and Philip Beals Preserve in Southborough Ma, and will be on display until early September. A walking reception will be held on Wednesday June 7 6-8pm with each artist having an opportunity to give a small talk about their work. For more information please visit

As a side note for more up-to-date information please Like Poison Apple Arts on Facebook or fallow me on Instagram @Crystal Blanchflower. Below is my artist statement and along with some images of the work.



‘ Finding Solace in the Woods’ represents to me a sense of wonder while standing in an ancient land pondering how many living things have existed before I. From long exstinct creatures such as the Nautiloid Cephaloped to the Wampanoag tribe who once occupied this area long before the European settlers . Millions of years ago, this area would have been the ocean floor, inhabited by creatures that would evolve into the animals that live here now. I am inspired by the idea that this landscape once was a flooded microcontinent called Avalonia that supported an underwater habitat with strange creatures that once lived here.

For this site specific installation,I decided to bring a creature back to the future from that pre-historic period to “dwell” in the woods. The sculpture will be a fantastical jellyfish or squid creature. It will be constructed out of lobster buoys, all weather fabric, fishing wire and other hardy materials with the intent of withstanding New England weather-this sculpture consists of three four foot long and one foot wide suspended creatures in the trees, ideally located near the ice pond.


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